According to the Institutional deed (The resolution of Presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) the Institute of Geotechnics of Slovak Academy of Sciences is a public scientific institution. The date of foundation: November 22nd 1954.

Subject of activity:

  1. The main focus: basic research of processes in the field of continuous disintegration of the rock mass and underground constructions stability, the transport of energy and mass in the rock disintegration processes; basic research of solid dispersions origin patterns and their properties modifications by physical, mechanical, chemical and biotechnological processes; qualitative and quantitative evaluation of phase interactions at the disperse systems origin and at their spreading in working and living environment.
  2. The institute focuses on application of theoretical knowledge from presented areas for detailing the top technologies principles in the following fields: rock disintegration, mineral processing, monitoring of selected components of working and living environment, monitoring of environmental, chemical and geological changes in the waste repositories with the aim of ecological revitalizations.
  3. The institute provides advisory and expertise services related to main activities.
  4. The institute covers scientific education in terms of generally valid legislation.
  5. The institute provides publication of the scientific-research activities using the periodic and non-periodic press. The publishing of periodic and non-periodic press follows the regulations of the SAS Presidium.

The institute has a dominant position in Slovak Republic within the basic and applied research in the area of rock disintegration, mineral processing, mechanochemistry, mineral biotechnologies and environmental protection.