Department of Mechanochemistry

Head of the department: Mgr. Marcela Achimovičová, PhD.
Research in Department of Mechanochemistry focuses on the elaboration of mechano-chemical, physico-chemical and chemical methods of synthesis and application of nanocrystalline materials and their composites prepared from precursors based on natural minerals, synthetic substances, as well as selected components of intermediate products and wastes from various industries.

Mechanochemistry is a branch of chemistry, which is concerned with the chemical and the physic-chemical changes of substances of all states of aggregation due to the influence of mechanical energy. According to this definition two main processes are applied in the department:

  • mechanochemical solid state synthesis, where the new materials are produced and
  • mechanical activation of solids, where the improvement of their properties is obtained.

Potential for application of the products rests in their implementation to the:

  • electrotechnical industry – semiconductors, photovoltaic cells, batteries and fuel cells based on sulfides, oxides and silicates,
  • hydrometallurgy – recovery of precious (gold, bismuth), economically important (copper) or on the other hand undesirable metals (antimony, arsenic),
  • ecology – cleaning of waters, CO2 storage,
  • medicine – drugs based on minerals.



  • Pulverisette 6 (Fritsch, Germany) – Laboratory mill for milling in nano region
  • Pulverisette 7, premium line (Fritsch, Germany) – Laboratory mill for milling in nano region in combination with GTM system
  • Attritor PE 0.75 (Netzsch, Germany) – Laboratory mill for ultrafine milling
  • MiniCer (Netzsch, Germany) – Laboratory mill for preparation of nanosuspensions
  • 6870 Freezer Mill – SPEX (SPEX Sample Prep, USA) – Laboratory mill for milling at low temperatures
  • Nanophox (Sympatec, Germany) – Equipment for measurement of particle size distribution in nanometer region
  • XRD diffractometer D8 Advance (Bruker, Germany) – Equipment for qualitative and quantitative X-ray analysis
  • STA 449 F3 Jupiter (Netzsch, Germany) – Equipment for thermal analysis of solids
  • QMS 403 D (Netzsch, Germany) – Equipment for detection of gases evolved during thermal analysis of solids
  • Scanning electron mikroskope FE SEM MIRA 3 (TESCAN, Czech Republik) – Equipment for determination of morphology and composition of materials
  • Zetasizer Nano Z (Malvern, Great Britain) – Equipment for measurement of zeta-potential of nanoparticles
  • Helios Gama (Thermo Electron Corporation, Great Britain) – Equipment for measuring of UV-vis spectra of solids
  • Spectrofluorimeter PC1 (ISS, USA) – Equipment for measurement of fluorescence spectra of solids



Name / Position E-mail Phone
Achimovičová, Marcela Mgr., PhD.

Head of Department of Mechanochemistry / Member of Scientific Board / Senior Scientist +421 55 7922607
Baláž, Matej RNDr., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922603
Baláž, Peter Dr.h.c. prof. RNDr., DrSc.

Principal Researcher +421 55 7922603
Briančin, Jaroslav prof. RNDr., CSc.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922608
Drenčaková, Dáša Mgr.

PhD Student +421 55 792 2621
Dutková, Erika RNDr., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922606
Fabián, Martin RNDr., PhD.

Senior Researcher / Member of Scientific Board +421 55 7922608
Ficeriová, Jana Ing., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922606
Garbárová, Veronika Mgr.

technician +421 55 7922621
Lukáčová Bujňáková, Zdenka Mgr., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922606
Porodko, Olena Mgr.

PhD Student +421 55 7922658
Skurikhina, Olha Mgr.

PhD Student +421 55 7922607
Šepelák, Vladimír prof. RNDr., DrSc.

lead scientist +421 55 7922608
Tampubolon, Imelda Octa , MSc. 055/7922658
Tóthová, Erika RNDr., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922607