PhD Study

Institute of Geotechnics SAS is an external educational institution providing doctoral (PhD) study in study program Extraction and Processing of Earth Resources in cooperation with the Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling at Technical University of Košice.

Graduates of master degree in engineering or natural science may apply for PhD study. The PhD study usually takes 4 years in full-time form (internal with scholarship) or 5 years in external form (no scholarship).

Call for applications for PhD admissions at IGT SAS in academic year 2023/2024.


List of running PhD research

Mgr. Dáša Drenčaková
Synthesis and doping of selected transition metal selenides by high-energy milling for prospective thermoelectrics
(Supervisor: Mgr. Marcela Achimovičová, PhD.)

Mgr. Petra Červeňáková
Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants in Particulate Matter and Atmospheric Deposition
(Supervisor: Ing. Jozef Hančuľák, PhD.)

Mgr. Katarína Gáborová
Hydrometallurgy and Mechanochemical Synthesis of Selected Metal Selenides
(Supervisor: Mgr. Marcela Achimovičová, PhD.)

Mgr. Viktoriia Kyshkarova
Hybrid Polymers for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Waters
(Supervisor: Dr. Inna Melnyk. Consultant: Ing. Miroslava Václavíková, PhD.)

Mgr. Olena Porodko
Synthesis and study of novel materials with potential application for energy production and storage
(Supervisor: RNDr. Martin Fabián, PhD.)

Mgr. Martin Stahorský
Study of the interactions of nanomaterials with biological systems
(Supervisor: Mgr. Zdenka Lukáčová Bujňáková, PhD. Consultant: RNDr. Matej Baláž, PhD.)