Department of Environment and Hygiene in Mining

Head of the department: Ing. Jozef Hančuľák, PhD.

The research group of the Department of Environment and Hygiene in Mining deals with the study of impact of industrial and other anthropogenic activities on selected factors of living and working environment. It offers wide knowledge and experience with research and applications of monitoring, analysis, distribution and risk assessment of inorganic contaminants in air, soils and bottom sediments in the areas of present and old environmental loads.

The research is focused on two specific areas of the environment: air quality, and contaminated soils and bottom sediments of river beds, lakes, water reservoirs, etc.

  • atmospheric deposition of potentially toxic elements and mineral substances,
  • properties of particulate matters and aerosols,
  • study of dustiness and fibrogeneous properties of mineral dusts and aerosols in living and working environment,
  • forms of occurrence, bond, mobility and distribution in soils and bottom sediments,
  • risk analysis – ecotoxicological and phytotoxicity tests of soils and bottom sediments.


  • portable laser aerosol spectrometer Grimm 1109 for determination of concentration and size distribution of dust particles in real time (31 channels from 0,25 to 32 μm),
  • programmable automatic samplers with accessories for sampling particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, TSP) and pollutants in ambient air (Digitel DH77, Echo High Volume Tecora, Leckel MVS6, Bravo Tecora PM),
  • personal samplers with accessories for sampling air in the working environment (Apex Casella),
  • XRF spectroscop Spectro Xepos III (direct analysis of solid samples from Na to U),
  • trace and ultra-trace mercury analyzer DMA–80 Tricell for direct analysis of solid, liquid and gas samples,
  • apparatus for vacuum filtration of samples atmospheric deposition.


Name / Position E-mail Phone
Findoráková, Lenka RNDr., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922618
Gállová, Petra Mgr.

PhD Student +421 55 792 2658
Hančuľák, Jozef Ing., PhD.

Head of Department of Environment and Hygiene in Mining / Senior Researcher / Member of Management Board +421 55 7922609
Šestinová, Oľga Ing., PhD.

Senior Researcher +421 55 7922618